THE SPLIT set release date for SLOVAK METAL ARMY debut, reveal new lyric video – features members of FORGOTTEN SILENCE, SCENERY, ADOR DORATH+++

Slovak Metal Army sets February 25th as the international release date for The Split‘s striking debut album, Reminiscences.

The birth of the progressive-experimental body The Split dates back to mid-summer 2018. Zdeněk Čepa Čepička (Forgotten Silence, Ador Dorath, Postcards from Arkham) and Mirek Řezníček (Split Bearing, Porcupine Tree Tribute) found out that they have musically a lot in common. After the initial non-binding rehearsal and experimentation, systematic and less systematic work, and the search for musical direction and expression, there was a fundamental breakthrough and the idea to create a new, regular band came alive.

However, there were still a few missing members to make the band perfectly complete. With Mirek’s musical assistance and help in the Fobier project, bassist Mik (ex-Scenery, Archeonic) received an offer of the empty bass guitar contribution. Mik accepted this offer, and the duo is suddenly a trio that is starting to fully rehearse the material for the upcoming record.

The trio took the name The Split. This name precisely determines the characteristics of the band and their perception of the surrounding musical and non-musical world from the point of view of various styles, genres, musical worlds, views, perceptions, and understanding…

Begin understanding The Split with the brand-new lyric video “Trapped” HERE at the band’s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for The Split’s Reminiscences
1. Ancestral Signs
2. Trapped
3. Annual Rings – Stardust
4. Annual Rings – The Echoes
5. November Days
6. Chain Reaction
7. Ancestral Signs & Trapped – bonus instr.


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