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Welcome! I would like you to answer for my questions.

Every person has different moods between happiness and sadness. Harakiri for the Sky can help with these angry and dismal feelings. You just simply shout out the frustration and a giant energy loop arises, with wich you float them, then you pleasure your audience with appealing melodies. What other qualities could you mention about your music?

The struggle balancing between highs and lows in life is something quite complicated, especially when dealing with depression and its something we try to translate into our melodies and music while the lyrics emphasize the darker parts. Dealing with problematic or traumatic experiences is something something that brings a certain intensity to it, as you mentioned, it often helps to shout it out loud. In my opinion our quality is to try to bring our music as unfiltered as possible to the listener, not worrying about structures, lenghts and other things like that. We rather compose and write with a very direct approach which definitely has also a therapeutic aspect for us as it comes straight from the heart.

You guys have a lot on your table, and you have gathered quite a big following as wellWhen did you feel, that people started to take intrest in your music? Was it on the internet or gigs first?

I’d say the first surprise was the positive feedback we got from just uploading two songs, back then even without intent to release it properly. In the end we ended up releasing our 5 first songs and due to requests gathered live members for shows. That was probably the point to witness best how the interest grew. We played quite a lot, starting in basement venues with very little audience and by the time we returned to certain cities a year later the amount of people just increased a lot…thats a great thing for a musician to witness that process. We practically just kept doing what we did in the beginning, only that by now it takes up a much bigger part of our life and time and we are really grateful that we have the possibility to do what we love to this extent.

Speaking of concerts, could you tell us few names that help or helped you out? Why did you choose them?

Practically in the beginning everyone who booked us and helped us to get shows was an enormous help. Our first bigger tour was with Agrypnie, it was really cool that they took us with them and practically introduced us to what was about to come. Also happens to really bond with certain promoters and organizers who for example bring us to countries weve never been to before as it happened a few years back and two years ago in Israel to name a few, its great if a friendship can form like this and it makes it even greater to return then knowing to meet those people again.

Soon the new year will start and your fifth album by the name of „Mӕreis announced to come out.You published several songs of it, I think it’s pretty convincingWhat is to know about this album? How did you record it, what does it differ from your previous albums?

The process was exactly the same as the previous ones, we had Kerim as our session drummer for the second time now and having worked with him before made the whole process even smoother, we were quite lucky to have the album ready right before the pandemic started as this would have made it quite different. Best just listen to the album, id have a hard time to describe 80 minutes of music in a few words.

Is it your previous or your current album that created more buzz around the band? How much likes more or less this album has, than the one before?

Its hard to say as we are in a very peculiar time and situation right now with everyone bein on the edge due to whats happening in the world. On the one hand there is probably more time to listen to music and on the other hand its maybe tougher to focus with constant input about disturbing events.  Maybe the anticipation for this one was a bit more but luckily, at least regarding the feedback to the songs we have released so far, we seem to have met the expectations.

The cover of „Mӕre” is really impressive in my opinion. What would you say about it? Who made it, and you gave the inspiration? How important is the cover and the whole booklet designe for you?

Everything was drawn by the talented Meike Hakkart, her artist name is Art of Maquenda. There are many ways to interpret the cover artwork and id invite everyone to do that for themselves. Regarding the importance of the design as whole, we try to give a lot of attention to it. The drawings in the booklets were created to match the lyrics and the concept as a whole is designed to compliment the music. If i buy a physical copy of an album i enjoy seeing that the artist took time and gave thought to the presentation, and thats what we try to accomplish aswell for ourselves.

The tracks are released on multiple formats, what bonuses do we get, or what is the difference between themSince when will it be available, and where can we purchase it the soonest?

Our coversong is available as bonus track on all formats, while there are 2 additional tracks on the CD boxset and Vinyl Boxset. Those songs are a different, non-metal so to say, interpretation of two of our older songs, accompanied by the voice of  Leesa, a friend of ours. There are many mailorders where you can preorder the album in all the various formats, probably easiest would be on our labels website which is

Gigging is not an easy business these daysWhat possible dates could occurHow much do you want to have concerts?

Oh, we terribly miss it and i unforunately cant make any prognosis when it will be possible again. The uncertainty about how the situation will develop makes it really hard to book shows. Regulations change day by day and country by country, so imagine planning a tour in the near future where you play a different country every second day, expecting different regulations like quarantine upon entering for example. We will see what the future brings.

What kind of people’s company do you search for? Who do you concider friends? What are your most values qualities in a person?

I wouldnt say that we specifically look for any kind of company in particular. It is always appreciated to meet nice and open minded people, that cant be narrowed down to where and under what circumstances. By the years we have also learnt though that a big number of acquantances is never as important as a few trusted friends that you can confide in, no matter if you are in a bad or good situation. True friendship shows when youre going through a rough time and they still stay by your side, also if it might not always be easy. Thats something special and to be extremely valued to have such people in your life.

Outside of music, what hobbies intrests you most?

Music will always be the most important part of my life and also takes up most of my time. I personally love travelling, getting to know other cultures and parts of the world. If those two things can be combined its even more fulfilling

How many dreams of yours were you able to make come true?

A big step was definitely making music the main focus in my life and reach people with doing the thing i hold dearest. There are always new goals and dreams in life but having the possibility to have turned my passion into my job was already something i didnt think would be possible a few years back and im very thankful for that.

What do you advice for the youth? What music should they listen to?

They should listen to whatever music they enjoy, and not what other people tell them to listen to. There is so much beautiful music to discover, never limit yourself to certain genres and just explore instead.

Thank you for your answers, best wishes!

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