INIQUITY – groundbreaking album “Five Across The Eyes” gets reissued via EMZ

There are albums that, by the nature of their music, have a very special place in a generation of music and musicians. Such is the nature of INIQUITY’s “Five Across The Eyes” and European and Danish death metal. The record number two of the Copenhagen-based four piece was all over in the place in terms of brutality and technical approach and it STILL stands out today in the exact same way that it did in 1999, upon it’s original release in Mighty Music. 

Five Across The Eyes” will now get a full reissue treatment with the usual quality and attention to detail of From The Vaults. It will be available on LP vinyl (orange, white and black versions available, all hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies). It will also be re-released on CD (500 units) and an exclusive thematic t-shirt. Sound fully remastered at Medley Studios in 2020. 

“Five Across The Eyes” was a difficult album for Iniquity and my record label to make” Michael H. Andersen remembers. “When I signed the band and released the debut album “Serenadium”, three years later all members in the band had been replaced on “Five Across The Eyes”. It was quite a puzzle getting this together, but the album turned out amazing and is still a milestone in international death metal”, he enthuses. 

Five Across The Eyes” will be released in vinyl (three different colours, each limited to 100 units), CD (limited to 500 copies) and digital, by Emanzipation Productions, on March 26th 2021. Pre-orders here.

Iniquity was formed 1989 and it didn’t take long before they turned into the most recognised and best selling death metal act in Denmark. In 1999, with a back-catalog of two demo-tapes, several compilation appearances, the 1996 debut album “Serenadium” and the 1998 MCD “The Hidden Lore”, the band established a large following and gain very positive reviews worldwide. 

But nothing prepared the world for what was to come that year… 

Five Across The Eyes” was recorded and mixed at Aabenraa Studio, with producer Jacob Hansen (Illdisposed, Autumn Leaves, Without Grief).

It was not only the most complete recording from Iniquity until that date, but it also shocked, amazed and scared the entire death metal scene with its amazingly brutal grinding parts, its gloomy mood and its technical approach. 


01. Inhale the Ghost
02. Surgical Orb
03. Sidereal Seas
04. Random Bludgeon Battery
05. From Tarnished Soil
06. Reminiscence
07. Pyres of Atonement
08. The Rigor Mortified Grip
09. Forensic Alliance
10. Cocooned

Line-up (“Five Across The Eyes”):
Jesper Frost Jensen: drums
Brian Eriksen: guitars
Mads Haarløv: guitars, vocals
Thomas Fagerlind: bass


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