ORDO CULTUM SERPENTIS stream SIGNAL REX debut EP at GrizzlyButts.com

Today, uprising black/death/doom cult  Ordo Cultum Serpentis stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut EP,  Derej Najash, at heavily trafficked web-portal GrizzlyButts.com. Set for international release on February 12th via Signal Rex on cassette tape format, hear Ordo Cultum Serpentis‘ Derej Najash in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Ordo Cultum Serpentis are a new cross-continental entity comprising V (South Korea) and Fr. Der Cadaver (México). Together, the duo create an ambient sort of blackened death-doom – or perhaps deathened black-doom? Or doomed black-death? Either way, such words as BLACK and DEATH and most especially DOOM apply to the band’s first public recording, Derej Najash.

Ritualistic from the opening notes to the bitter end, Derej Najash is composed of two epic-length tracks across 27 total minutes. Moments of tense quietude linger, but then are jarringly ripped asunder by expulsions of grinding bestiality, all before dragging the tempo down into the abyss. The doom is thus megaton-sized, and crushes the listener’s spirit and very being with its all-encompassing density. Haunting moans and ritual bells also drift across the soundfield, putting Derej Najash further beyond the realms of normalcy or complacent listening. The sum effect is that Ordo Cultum Serpentis are sonic titans just beginning their inexorable march to the end…

Fully march to the end exclusively HERE, courtesy of GrizzlyButts.com. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Ordo Cultum Serpentis’ Derej Najash
1. Chapter 1 [13:17]
2. Chapter 2 [13:20]

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