SHITEATER release debut album “Anointed in urine, crowned in faeces”

London, UK – Underground shitgrind act SHITEATER have released their debut full length album “ANOINTED IN URINE, CROWNED IN FAECES”.

The album features 17 tracks of gut busting death metal, 42 minutes of stomach churning riffs, and one lyrical topic: Shit. The album follows up a stream of demos and EPs like Cackronomicon, Limb, and Demorrhoea. ANOINTED IN URINE, CROWNED IN FAECES combines elements of old school death metal, grindcore, and thrash for one thrilling stool loosening experience.

01) Reigning From a Throne of Cold Porcelain
02) Shiteater
03) Anointed in Urine, Crowned in Faeces
04) Colostomized
05) Drowned in the Tub
06) Dispose of Your Heroes
07) Uncontrolled Projectile Defecation
08) Perverted Deformity
09) Left Hand Cack (Cacatus Intermissio)
10) Spine Snapper
11) Repulsive Stigmata
12) Digestive Trauma
13) Rotgut
14) Eat Shit and Die
15) Autassassinophilia
16) Wicked Tyrant of Repugnant Feculence
17) Long Live the New Flush

The album is available now at SHITEATER.BANDCAMP.COM and can be streamed on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.


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