RED ELEVEN’s new single includes all the ingredients of melancholic hit song with creamy guitar solo

Red Eleven is once again serving a new tasting from its upcoming fourth long play. The song is called “Before I Fall” and includes all the ingredients required for a melancholic hit song down to the creamy guitar solo! The band’s vocalist Toni Kaikkonen describes the song as follows:

“It is a third single from our upcoming album “Handled with Chaos”. It’s epic, moody, easy listening song with catchy melodies. A story about regrets, forgiveness and how to cope when things feel out of your control. In the moment before you die, you see your life, a span of film strip… they say. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs on the album.”

Before I Fall” will be released together with an atmospheric lyric video created by Anssi “Abi” Korhonen. Red Eleven has announced that “Handled with Chaos” -album will be released next April.

Check the video:

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