Sludge / Doom act VLAD set to release debut self-titled album

Sludge doom band formed in 2007, on the cold and dark coast of the South Atlantic… in the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

In its beginnings, back in 2008 a group of friends linked by music, the street and the experiences of hardcore, metal and other herbs; began to fuse sounds, influenced by bands like Iron monkey, Electric wizard, Candelmass, etc; generating slow and heavy rhythms, with twisted guitars and bases and a subversive spirit.

After three years of playing in alternative and self-managed stages, two of the members leave the band. Melli (Guitarist) and Willy (Voice and Synths), founders of the project, Integrate Melizabeth (Bass) and Pelukas (Drums), to the band.

From there, the band participated in underground circuits, in addition to having established musical friendships with bands such as Favalli, Altar, The Black Furs, Ambassador, etc. with whom they shared tours of the capital of Buenos Aires and surroundings.

Their last tour was in 2019 in Chile, where they toured the center and much of the south of that country.

In that same year 2019, after returning from their first international tour, they began to record what would be their debut album titled Vlad.

Now,  teamed up with Interstellar Smoke Records, Vlad gears up to release their debut album on physical format and all major streaming platforms March 3rd.

Willy: vocals, synthesizers, samplers
Lisandro ¨Melli¨Ordoñez: Guitar
Melisa: Bass
Pelukas: Drums

Connect with Interstellar Smoke Records:

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