SULPHUROUS set release date for new ME SACO UN OJO EP, reveal first track

Me Saco Un Ojo OjoRecords sets March 15h as the international release date for a brand-new EP from SulphurousEncircling Darkness, on 7″ vinyl format.

It was but 2018 when Sulphurous released their cult debut album, Dolorous Death Knell. Aptly titled, the album was the grand culmination of a slow-and-steady ascent beginning in 2008 and then crafted across a grip of demos and a couple EPs. Naturally, with the band hailing from Denmark’s ever-thriving death metal scene, quality was most definitely assured right from the off, but the malign, lurking dread the duo so effortlessly doled out across their debut album proved that the Sulphurous name was uniquely their own and already worth reckoning.

Now, in preparation for their second full-length set for later this summer, Sulphurous return with a swift-yet-satisfying EP to whet appetites hungering for more malodorous death. Thus, Encircling Darkness is likewise aptly titled, for its inexorable slipstream of tension & terror teases with no small amount of ceremony – almost ritualistic in one sense, cruelly haunting in others. Indeed, its titular A-side sets the stage for that ceremony, but the opening peals of sorcerous feedback segueing into a slow-burning haunt that is the B-side “Unfathomable Display of Rotting Creation” truly displays Sulphurous‘ mastery to come on that looming sophomore LP… Patience may be a virtue, but all virtues can be defiled when Encircling Darkness!

Begin defiling virtue with the brand-new title track “Encircling Darkness” HERE at Me Saco Un Ojo‘s Bandcamp. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sulphurous’ Encircling Darkness
1. Encircling Darkness [3:34]
2. Unfathomable Display of Rotting Creation [3:10]


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