BOUND IN FEAR release video and announce EP

Eternal EP out 26th March via Unique Leader Records

UK deathcore quintet BOUND IN FEAR have unveiled single / video ‘Left To Drown,’ taken from their upcoming EP, Eternal, out 26th March via Unique Leader Records.

Watch the video here:

Pre order Eternal here: (US) (Europe)

Since their formation in 2016, UK quintet BOUND IN FEAR have been creating uncompromisingly heavy music and in a short time have crafted a niche for themselves amongst the ungodly heavy. Their first release Regicide was received incredibly well by the underground scene, selling out of all pressings. The band spent the release cycle playing shows around the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. The accrued reputation the band gained resulted in a record deal with Unique Leader Records.

The next step in BOUND IN FEAR’s catalogue of monstrously heavy music was the 2019 debut full-length The Hand Of Violence. The lyrical content took a very dark and personal route, while the compositions became more structured, intricate, and menacing. The release propelled BOUND IN FEAR into a new echelon of the extreme music scene, seeing their streaming stats increase heavily and CD, vinyl and merch sales beating all expectations.


1. Cardinal Sin
2. Left To Drown
3. My Mind, My Prison
4. Everblack
5. The Harrowing

Now in 2021, BOUND IN FEAR follow up with the Eternal EP, a collection of five songs crafted with detailed soundscapes, a result of increased collaboration within a refreshed line-up, and a hunger for ever more extreme compositions, sounds, and tones. Eternal will stand as a testament to the new direction of BOUND IN FEAR, without leaving behind their previous works. With EternalBOUND IN FEAR are ready to show the extreme metal world that they are here to stay, and here to slay.

Vocalist Ben Mason comments “BOUND IN FEAR to me has always been self-explanatory – it’s about things that we go through in life that define us as people. The Eternal EP touches on memories that manifest into nightmares, substance abuse, childhood trauma and everything in between that we don’t talk about because we feel ashamed.

“In our music we always try to give an honest experience to show people that they are not alone, but to also help them understand that being angry, sad, upset and confused is okay – not everyone can see what happens behind closed doors. The things that we experience may be Eternal, but they can also be beaten.”


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