Canada’s MAUDIIR Summon A Blackened Thrash Slaughter With “Spirit of Sulfur” Off “La Part du Diable”

New EP “La Part du Diable” Out February 19, 2021

Montreal’s Maudiir has a new single out, “Spirit of Sulfur” being premiered on Decibel Magazine HERE.

The second single is from the upcoming EP “La Part du Diable” due out on February 19, 2021. 

The fourth of five tracks, “Spirit of Sulfur” is where it starts to get more experimental on the EP. Very bass-driven, the contagious harmonies flirt with thrash and punk, and it then develops into a kind of space rock instrumental section. The abrasive lyrics are about deceitful leaders grinding down their countries.

The biggest benefit to a solo project is being unrestricted in style and creative direction, something that is fully embraced in Maudiir’s work. An aggressive blackened thrash base is complimented with upbeat punk drumming and a heavy focus on the bass parts, resulting in a fresh take on modern metal. This uncommon attention to bass riffs resulted in this single, as Maudiir explains:

“On the first single, ‘The Slumber’ I was switching things around when I got to the bass parts. After that, I thought “why not try to write a whole song on bass?” That experiment yielded the track ‘Spirit of Sulfur’. That was very interesting for me; getting out of my comfort zone trying to figure out guitar parts that would complement the main bass lines.”

Riff-driven with big bass grooves and corrosive vocals, “La Part du Diable” is the second release from the one-man project to follow the debut EP “Le Temps Peste” released in February of last year. The intense, dark music comes with lyrics that draw on societal reflections, religion, and the environment.

Maudiir is recommended for metalheads looking for something new, especially fans of Carcass, Darkthrone, and Skeletonwitch.

The entire EP “La Part du Diable” releases on February 19, 2021 on all digital platforms.

First single “The Slumber” – YouTubeSpotify

Track Listing:
1. Fracture (4:50)
2. The Slumber (4:57)
3. The Fortunate Few (4:54)
4. Spirit of Sulfur (4:34)
5. The Crowning Hour (5:07)
EP Length: 24:24

More Info:

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