US Black Metal band SNÆR set release date for their debut full-length album

US Black Metal band Snær set March 12th, 2021 as international release date for their debut full-length album “Frozen Alchemy”.

“Frozen Alchemy” is a blend of old school Black, Death, Thrash and Doom with a modern spin. From the cold north of Maine USA they will freeze your soul with their metal Magick!

Some facts about the songs on album:
Intro is done by Edan Rayz, Berkley School of Music grad and Deathmetal singer

Black Stain is about the Maine legend of Colonel Buck, who burned his witch mistress at the stake and as she burned she cursed him to have a stain for all eternity (his actual grave has a black Stain on it that scientists can’t explain)

Ghouls of the sea are seen and heard on the coast of Maine 

Black Bear Mauling is about a settler in Maine who was mauled by a bear

Endless Suffering was written for our Guitarist Jeff

Frozen Alchemy is about a secret magical practice brought to Maine by Viking Shaman

Snær is about snow and the weather of Maine.

March to the OVENS is the band’s philosophy, the extermination of the entire human race

About the Snær:
In 2015 Joseph Doome formed SNÆR at the House of Doom in Northern Maine with the desire to create a new take on old school blackmetal. The band was named to honor Norse heritage and the weather both Maine and Scandinavia have in common. The band went through several members currently with Joseph Doome on vocals and bass; Jeffrey Lloyd Snader on guitar; and Conrad Lausier on drums. SNÆR released a self-produced/recorded demo entitled “Do it Yourself” in January 2019 and the release of their debut album, “Frozen Alchemy” is set to release on March 12th, 2021. They have played shows throughout New England and have gained a growing following. Influences include Black Sabbath, Venom, Bathory, Slayer, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Emperor, Horna, Urgehal, Taake. They live and breathe blackmetal! Hail SNÆR!

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