NEKER – Italian sludge metaller artist announces live studio video

Italian sludge metaller artist NEKER presents an excerpt from the live studio video that will be published in its entirety on 20th February on the Time To Kill Records Youtube channel. You can watch the video of the song “City of Cunts” HERE.

NEKER has signed with the Italian label Time To Kill Records for the release of his new album.
The record will be out in spring 2021. Watchoutfor details on the upcoming release and for news on further activities to be posted shortly.

Sludge / Doom / Southern Metal

I needed a band to accompany my bass riffs and my voice. I found it in 2015 when I met Alessandro Eusebi (guitarist) and Daniele Alessi (drummer). I recorded my first album “Louder” with them in 2016/2017. After having played concerts across Italy and Europe, I went on my first real European tour in 2018 and I was in Canada in 2019. Between the end of that same year and 2020 I recorded and produced my new album that will be released in 2021.

I’m a bassist and a singer looking for new sounds with a special fondness for ninenty’s music. I’m a big Phil Anselmo’s fan but I grew up listening to many different genres from acid jazz to hardcore. When writing my riffs, I’m usually inspired by bands such as: Down, Crowbar, Every Time I Die, Melvins, Mastodon, Doomriders, Type o Negative. I’ve no important messages to spread. I express my feelings or sing songs, at most. I do think people are fed up with messages, they just need to get lost in good music.

N E K E R – bass/lead vocals
Alessandro Eusebi – guitars
Daniele Alessi – drums

LOUDER (2017)


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