Bay Area’s ASTHAROTH releases a single heralding a new EP

ASTHAROTH started in 1988 in Poland as a technical thrash band. They moved to Bay Area in 1990 only to see the scene deteriorating there. Fast forward to 2020: ASTHAROTH is back as a one-man project with the music darker and more progressive than  before.

2021: “Behind the Mask of Virtue” is a single from the upcoming EP “Between Death and Rebirth”,  due later this year.

All the tracks from the upcoming EP have been written and recorded in the Winter of 2020/2021 and are brand new.

Musically the new material is upbeat and aggressive, while lyrically dealing with the existential issues. 

Behind the Mask of Virtue” in particular talks about people that use religion as a shield in order to harm others and impose their way of life.

The single will be streamed via all digital outlets on Friday, 19th of February.

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