COCAINE KAMIKAZE release music video for new single “Deserved Abuse”

COCAINE KAMIKAZE continues its hateful campaign with insane and politically incorrect intentions. After the release of its first successful single, “In Nomine Cokaze” the death metallers, coming from Milan (Italy), deliver a new song titled “Deserved Abuse” along with a new music video, available at this link.
The new single is now available on Spotify and all digital platforms.

Once again the band chose to work with the producer Carlo Meroni at his A.d.s.r Decibel Studio and with the tattoo artist Welt, from Yama Tattoo Studio, who created the artwork.

Sancho Molestator a.k.a (Er lametta 2.0) comments:

“All this respectability is killing us. From the censorship due to the politically correct at any costs to the new educational models that require the use of a language suited to this double-faced society. That is the reason why people are freaking out and then they take to the streets to smash and burn everything when they can no longer stand abuses perpetrated by a corrupt political class. The solution is all here, as our grandparents used to do: you don’t get it? a couple of slaps will help you to understand better”


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COCAINE KAMIKAZE – watch the music video for new single “In Nomine Cokaze”


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