HALLUCINATION – Philly-Based Hardcore/Noise Punks to Reissue Pulverizing Debut Demo Tape Via Sentient Ruin

We’re honored and proud to announce an official reissue of the unparalleled ear-splitting debut demo tape from rising Philly-based d-beat noise-punk demolition unit Hallucination, first self-released in 2020, and now available again as an exclusive label-curated re-edition with new artwork from Canadian xerox/collage visual master Paul Van Trigt.

With its desolate atmospheres and unforgiving intensity, the pulverizing demo comes packed with splinters of raw punk, d-beat, and off the rails Japanese-styled noise crust whipped into an unyielding and caustic raw hardcore assault that will demolish you in its wake. Iconic bands in the genre like DeathsideDiscloseRaw NerveKrömosom, Cult Ritual, and Crude SS are all more or less referenced in one way or another throughout the tape’s meager eight minutes of unforgiving aural abandon, but far from being a simple self-referencing stylistic exercise, this astonishing demo brings a darkness and desperation to the plate that we’d rarely before seen in the genre, signaling the possible birth of a game-changing act whose full power and vision we’re not yet fully aware of. 

Featuring a Poison Idea cover, the self-titled Hallucination demo tape reissue is slated for a March 5 2021 official release date along with digital formats, and the work can now be pre-ordered and streamed in full on our Bandcamp and webshop.


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