THE AMENTA – “Revelator” out now!

February 19th marks the date of the official return of Australian Avantgarde Metal band THE AMENTA. Their fourth album “Revelator“, a complex, yet highly engaging puzzle of nine compositions, is now released and officially available via Debemur Morti Productions. Ornated by a thoughtful cover artwork designed by Metastazis (MORBID ANGELBEHEMOTH), “Revelator” highlights on all layers the pounding energy and fanatic will of THE AMENTA to develop and to create art which does accept any borders.

This is precisely what composer and keyboard player Timothy Pope answered, when asked where to find the key to understanding “Revelator” and how to find one’s way into this musical and aesthetical labyrinth:

I think the key to understanding this music is to have a completely open mind, no preconceptions about the band or the genre. That’s the mindset that we were in when creating the album so I believe that that is how it will best translate to a listener. I honestly don’t believe that this is an “industrial” or “death metal” album, it’s extreme music, exclusively. Moments of extreme blasting are leavened by weightless ambience. It’s an organic album, not the digital industrial noise that we are constantly expected to produce.

When I think back on the writing of “Revelator” I remember feeling like all the doors were opening to us. There were so many inspiring ideas that led us down very different paths than we have trod in the past; these ideas came very naturally to us and were not forced in anyway so we would hope that listeners can approach the album as a journey that maps our journey in creating it.

In the modern world, listening habits are changing and the album is being sliced and diced into its smallest parts for playlist and algorithmic consumption, but I think this release is best appreciated as a whole. The sequence of songs was agonized over to provide the ideal push and pull; to create an experience and a journey. So, start from the start, end at the end. That is the best way to understand and appreciate the album. At the centre of “Revelator” is the track that we consider the beating heart, represented in the cover. ‘Twined Towers’ encapsulates the album’s themes and melodic ideas, but it gains its power from the songs around it; that lead to it and from it.

To immerse oneself into this heartbeat, it is possible to stream the entire album on Bandcamp and YouTube.

Revelator” was praised by fans and press alike, especially because THE AMENTA re-invented themselves and composed nine heterogenous and detailed Extreme Metal attacks:

Evolution doesn’t always work out well for mankind, but the soundtrack is killer.” (Metal Hammer UK)

[…]the band creates a consistently dark atmosphere that will be a suitable soundtrack the next time you want to have your neighbours over for tea, crumpets and a spot of light S&M.” (Blessed Altar Zine)

A puzzle that, when solved, opens a door to another dimension or plane of existence.” (Metal Hammer Portugal)

Definitely not easy to digest, but if you have been infected with the virus that is THE AMENTA, then you won’t be able to escape it for the rest of your life.” (Deaf Forever)

Revelator” is released on CD, vinyl, tape, and digitally. Orders are possible via the label’s EUUS, and Bandcamp shops.

THE AMENTA is ugly, dissonant, electronically-lacerated Extreme Metal from Australia, featuring the core creative line-up of Cain Cressall (Vocals), Erik Miehs (Guitars) and Timothy Pope (Keyboards, Samples & Effects) with Dan Quinlan (Bass) and drummer David Haley (PSYCROPTIC, ex-ABORTED) rounding out the lineup.

Early experiments with dissonance resulted in 2002’s “Mictlan” MCD. Two years later, the band had signed to Listenable Records who released the debut full length, “Occasus”. Next came 2008’s divisive “n0n” album. “n0n” was a dense, ugly, sprawling hymn to urban decay. A filthy paean to political manipulation. It was anti-everything.

Upon returning to Australia after extensive European and American touring, THE AMENTA recorded a free download of a huge multimedia release in 2011 entitled “V01D”. The release featured the new title track, re-recordings of tracks from the two previous albums, as well as professionally filmed and recorded live performances and film clips. The new song showcased one of many new directions THE AMENTA could take. Epic chords held in stasis by drones: melody where before there had only been dissonance.

In 2013, THE AMENTA released “Flesh Is Heir”. The most organic and open of THE AMENTA’s releases to date, “Flesh Is Heir” built huge sculptures of sound from decayed choir loops and found percussion, the strongest riffs and guitar hooks in THE AMENTA back catalogue and an immaculate vocal performance.

After taking a hiatus from live performance in 2014, the band resumed activity in 2019. Inchoate rumblings slowly took shape. In 2020, THE AMENTA is excited to announce a partnership with Debemur Morti Productions, a label whose name is synonymous with art and with the most forward thinking bands in extreme music.

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