THE AUTHORITIES Release New 2 Track EP ‘TALK TO ME’ and ‘JUST AN EXCUSE’ – Online

California Punks The Authorities (Die Laughing Records) are back with their first new material with their new line up and its as gloriously old school punk as you can get. 

Ever meet someone and experience that intense, electrical attraction? Of course you have! Sometimes you just dig the way they talk to you right from the start. That’s where ‘Talk to Me’ is coming from.

Any punk who’s ever walked down the street knows exactly what ‘Just an Excuse’ is about: getting hassled by cops just for being who they are. The song hails from the early days of young punk rockers walking the mean streets of Stockton, California, just minding our own business, and having cops snatching you up and threatening to arrest you. ‘Just an Excuse’ could be the soundtrack for police brutality.

This latest Authorities music represents the band’s first work since the addition of new members Philly Roach (bass) and Morgan Farrell (guitar). It was recorded at Kick Rox studios in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

About The Authorities

The Authorities formed in the fall of 1978 and played live for the first time on February 2nd, 1979 and the scrappy young band unleashed a blistering bombardment of punk rock on the good citizens of Stockton, California.

The Authorities released their debut Soundtrack for Trouble EP, on Selecta Record Operations in 1982, and its tracks, ‘I HATE COPS’ and ‘RADIATION MASTURBATION’, have become the staple of punk rock compilations everywhere including Killed By Death Vol. 1, Copulation – The Sound of Hollywood, and We Got Power – Party or Go Home!

Subsequent releases by the band include the Puppy Love LP/CD (Get Hip Recordings), Bourbon Decay EP (Café Racer), Kung Pao Au Go-Go LP/CD (Get Hip Recordings), and The Authorities’ tribute EP The More Things ChangeThe More Things Stay The Same, featuring Tesco Vee’s Hate PoliceScreeching WeaselAlcoholics Unanimous, and Circus Tents, (Get Hip Recordings).

The Authorities persist to this day, an angry and unrepentant beast that will never die. In 2010 The Authorities played the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in Minehead, England, they appeared at SXSW in 2012 & 2013, and have played multiple other punk rock festivals, and have been touring the US and the UK and Europe, leaving a bloody trail of blown eardrums and busted heads, reviving interest in the long-running band that refuses to stay buried.

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