NIADH to release debut album on vinyl via via ETERNAL DEATH

Eternal Death sets April 30th as the international release date for Niadh‘s cult debut album, Our Victory is Eternal, on vinyl LP format.

Hailing from Colombia, Niadh formed in 2012, initially as a duo. A demo was released that first year, followed by three splits in quick succession between 2013 and 2014, including one with Japan’s legendary Sabbat. That split also introduced the three-piece lineup of Niadh, which followed through to the band’s debut album, 2016’s Our Victory is Eternal.

Originally released on limited CD and cassette via their Iron Goat Commando label, Niadh‘s Our Victory is Eternal finally finds release on the most fitting of black metal formats: vinyl. An underground gem thawed from ancient times, Niadh‘s debut album could verily be a lost relic of the glorious ’90s, so authentic is its vintage obsidian. Grimly melodic, patiently epic yet always exuding grime and filth, Our Victory is Eternal is old-days/old-ways medieval black metal par excellence. Names invoked include classic Judas Iscariot to the early days of Spanish black metal ala Primigenium, Akerbeltz, and Blazemth to Mexico’s Avzhia and Haborym closer to their native Colombia, and even Satanic Warmaster and Horna at their very grimmest. In other words, Niadh is pure ‘n’ proud all-caps BLACK METAL strictly for maniacs: cultural tourists or Instagram “record collector” trendies, DO NOT ENTRY!

Feel the breath of night again or for the first time with this long-overdue vinyl edition of Niadh‘s Our Victory is Eternal!

In the meantime, stream Our Victory is Eternal in its entirety HERE at Eternal Death‘s Bandcamp, where the vinyl version can also be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Niadh’s Our Victory is Eternal
Side A
1. Endless Victory (Doom’s Advent) [4:17]
2. All Evil Spirits Rise [7:00]
3. The Bright Fire of Perception [6:02]
Side B
4. Evil (Light of Primeval Darkness) [5:43]
5. Destroy All and Create a New World Without End [6:32]
6. From Emptiness and Despair… Total Hate [8:42]


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