GREY AURA to release their stunning second album of atmospheric/post black metal, Zwart Vierkant, through Onism Productions on May 7th

“Come now and grab him while you can. Because tomorrow everything will be gone.” – The Untold Temptation Of Collapsing Virtue

Hailing from Utrecht in The Netherlands, Grey Aura create a liquid form of atmospheric black metal which shifts between forms like quicksilver, flowing over the boundaries of genres, slipping between cracks in the restrictive walls that surround them. Their second album, Zwart Vierkant, is breathtaking in its breadth and independence, dazzling in its ambition and utterly enthralling and all consuming in its complexity of vision. The collision of raging fury and romance within songs like ‘Sierlijke Schaduwmond’ is bewitching, the sweet, smoky jazz of ‘Parijs Is Een Portal’ is, as suggested, a doorway to another time, another world, another reality. The album is bound tightly to a novel written by Grey Aura’s Ruben Wijlacker which tells the story of an early 20th century painter who becomes obsessed with the Russian art movement, Suprematism, which idealises the abstract and rejects traditional artistic concepts. It follows his journey through Europe, his metamorphosis of soul and spirit, his dreams, awakenings, loves and temptations as he reaches out to the ungovernable maelstrom of the void. Each song on Zwart Vierkant is imbued with the sensuality of the tale, rife with its mysteries and laden with its ambiguities and suggestive power. It is an album like no other from a band that reach further, look deeper and explore beyond the limits of imagination.

Grey Aura have never dealt in simple concepts; their debut album Waerachtighe Beschryvinghe Van Drie Seylagien, Ter Werelt Noyt Soo Vreemt Ghehoort, which was released by Blood Music in 2016, told the tale of Willem Barentsz’ third and final journey to find a north-eastern passage to Asia in 1596. However, with Zwart Vierkant they have created a piece of art which will astound even those who have previously followed them on that epic voyage. To be released on CD and vinyl by Onism Productions on May 7th, Zwart Vierkant is an unforgettable collection of music, possessed of a truly enthralling magic.

“And the world stands still. No one sleeps. Not him, not her. Everyone is,
they are awake inside the dream.”
– Night In Paris, 1924

No Clean Singing are hosting a premiere of Zwart Vierkant’s opening track, ‘Maria Segovia‘ and you can read their thoughts on the song and this magical album here:

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