SAD THEORY releases “Black Mirror” inspired Death Metal single

Brazilian veteran group works on his seventh album to be released yet this year

Brazilian death metal band Sad Theory is mixing their seventh studio album, Léxico Reflexivo Umbral, which is due to be released this year. The first single is “Canis Metallicus”, a song inspired by the episode “Metalhead”, from the renowned Netflix series, Black Mirror. The band’s history is permeated by lyrics with content of cultural value, such as the album A Madrigal of Sorrow,  which lyrics are related with “Les Fleurs Du Mal”, by the French poet Charles Baudelaire    .

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More than 15 years ago, Sad Theory decided to sing their songs exclusively in Portuguese. “The inspiration for the song ‘Canis Metallicus’ is Black Mirror episode ‘Metalhead’, in which the characters try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, where they are hunted by highly advanced robotic dogs. However, our lyric explore a possible cause of the apocalypse, when the machines, once advanced to the point of sentience, realize that their human creators are a threat to progress and are no longer needed, jointly deciding to annihilate the entire species”, explains bassist and composer Daniel Franco.

The entire album will have the same lyrical concept: “All the lyrics composed were inspired to a greater or lesser degree in some episode of Black Mirror. The episodes we choose deal with – describing very simply – the worst in human beings and society, brought to light by technological facilities. Sometimes, it’s writen in a abstract way, and in others there are greater loyalty to the script. There is no general rule”, concludes Daniel.

Sad Theory debuted in the late 1990s with their acclaimed self-titled demo tape. Since then, six studio albums have been released and several shows have been done all around Brazil. The first full lenght was The Lady and the Torch (2002). The group’s unique death metal caught immediate attention, amplified by shows along with Krisiun, Nevermore and Blaze. They keep doing shows and recording expressive works as A Madrigal of Sorrow (2004) and Biomechanical (2006), until abruptly his career has ended.

The album Descrítica Pathológica, recorded in 2008 and shelved, finally saw the light of day in 2012, which marked the return of the band, with Aly Fioren and Guga Rovel in ther lead. Three years later was released Vermina Audioclastia Póstuma, and in that tour, the band recorded their first live album, Audioclastia Humana (Live at Maniacs Metal Meeting 2018).

Entropia Humana Final (2017) took a step forward in the aggressive and unique sound, grounded by deep lyrics reporting human tragedies, such as “Inanição”, about Holodomor, the Ukrainian genocide for lack of food while the country was under the comunist control of Stalin regime.


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