STONE HEALER – Dissonant Death/Prog Black Duo Launch “Whence Shall I” At No Clean Singing. Album out 4/30

Built upon well over a decade of experience as musicians in a variety of projects, Asheville, North Carolina-based duo Stone Healer is excited to announce their incredible debut album, Conquistador. Set for release on Friday, April 30th. Conquistador is the follow up to the groups’ highly praised 2015 EP, He Who Rides Immolated Horses. 

Stone Healer is a vessel for sonic intensity and soul-driven melody created by brothers Dave (guitar, bass, vocals) and Matt Kaminsky (drums). Formed in 2015 as a continuation of their work in Autolatry, Stone Healer’s sound has evolved beyond the limitations of regionally-specific progressive black metal into an undefinable blend of rock n roll inspired by Alice In Chains and Ulcerate-style complex dissonant death metal.

Stone Healer’s unconventional blend between multiple styles is further upped significantly by their truly ambitious songwriting in order to create a listening experience on Conquistador that doesn’t sound like anyone else out there. Stone Healer – Conquistador is highly recommended for fans of bands who have inspired the project which includes Ulcerate, Krallice, Helheim, Dodheimsgard, Paradise Lost, Kvelertak, and Alice In Chains.

The band partnered with No Clean Singing this week to launch the album’s second single, “Whence Shall I”.

You can check out “Whence Shall I” HERE

You can also check out Single #1 “Into The Spoke of Night” HERE

No Clean Singing comments
“The entire experience is so ambitious and so fascinating that it becomes spellbinding, not in the sense of something that lulls you, but in the sense that it provokes a reflexive and single-minded focus on what’s happening, a complete immersion in the music’s manifold maneuvers and moods.”

Stone Healer – Conquistador Pre-order Link

Stone Healer – Conquistador Tracklist
1. One Whisper
2. Whence Shall I
3. Surrender
4. Torrent of Flame
5. Until My Will Is Gone
6. Twenty-Two
7. Into the Spoke of Night

Stone Healer – Conquistador  Line-Up
Dave Kaminsky (ex-In Human Form, Infera Bruo (live), ex-Autalotory) – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Matt Kaminsky (Log Driver, ex-Autalotory) – Drums

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