HILDR VALKYRIE signs with the Moribund Cult!

The flesh and bones of this valorous one-woman heathen band were born in 2003, by the determination and imagination of Hildr Valkyrie. By 2004, she had defined her sound using Norse tales and Sagas magnificently presented through harmonic, choral folk and metal. Hildr’s symphonic melodies are backed by deep harmonization of layered vocalizations and chanting in various tones and intensities. The outstanding vocal performance recorded in her debut album even received worldwide praise, often being compared to an instrument of its own. March 2021, now see’s Hildr joining forces with Moribund Records, signing a multi-album pact that includes a world-wide re-issue of her second album “Revealing the Heathen Sun“!

I’ve been more than proud and honored signing with the legendary Moribund records! I am very excited and looking forward for this great and fruitful partnership between us! Personally I would like to thank Odin Thompson for his trust and excitement on Hildr Valkyrie! This will be a great start for a long term collaboration between us with the best Omens!…and the battle goes on…” ~ Hildr Valkyrie

Since taking up shield, Hildr Valkyrie has recorded several demos, 2 full-length albums, and has made countless guest appearances throughout the folk and heathen metal scenes, most notably performing guest vocals and keyboards on over 14 Folkearth and Folkodia releases! The folk hymns and collaborations from Hildr stand as a testament to her undying passion for the preservation of rites nearly forgotten to most- but never lost to the brave.

We are very excited and proud to add the amazing Folk-Metal Melodies of HILDR VALKYRIE to our ever diversifying roster of the worlds Best Artists from the underground Metal Scene. I have been a personal fan of HILDR VALKYRIE since I first heard ‘Shield Brothers of Valhalla’ back in 2008, which blew me away! We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership and to help bring HILDR VALKYRIE’s Nordic Hymns to the larger Metal community!” ~Odin Thompson, Label Manager /
Moribund Records

If Falkenbach, Storm, Summoning and Borknagar drive your thirst for battle, take up your sword and join Hildr in her conquest to reveal the heathen paths of true folk metal!

Official album details to be released soon! Follow Moribund Records & HILDR VALKYRIE for details as they are revealed!

Official Website | Facebook Bandcamp | YouTube | Instagram | Blogspot

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