DEAD WORLD RECLAMATION Launch “Arachnocratic Assemblage” At Everything Is Noise. Album out 4/23

With each new year, we can at least count on the advent of new music and material from bands that are new to us that ends up making the days and weeks go by with greater ease. To that end, Tempe, Arizona-based technical melodic death metallers Dead World Reclamation and their upcoming sophomore album, Aura of Iniquity, out Friday, April 23rd, should prove to be an exciting addition to the best death metal that will come out in 2021. 

Active since 2017, the band has previously released their first album, Sentient, in October of 2017. Fast-forward to 2021, and Dead World Reclamation has grown into an entirely different beast ready to take over the world. Although still a melodic death metal band at heart, the group’s current form is greatly enhanced by technically inclined playing and orchestral layers paired with streamlined catchy songwriting. As always, they continue to stay true to their roots by infusing their complex take on melodic death metal with a metric ton of impenetrable heaviness and skull splintering brutality in every song.

Dead World Reclamation – Aura of Iniquity will strongly appeal to fans of Wretched, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Inferi, and Alterbeast. 

The band partnered with Everything Is Noise this week to premiere “Arachnocratic Assemblage”. 

You can listen to Dead World Reclamation – “Arachnocratic Assemblage” HERE

You can also check out Single #2 “Whispers of the Evergloom” HERE

Everything Is Noise comments
“Fresh-off-the-press single “Arachnocratic Assemblage” is a choice morsel off the upcoming LP, which the band describes as a concept album. The track chronicles the misfortunes of a group of travelers who have trespassed into a dark land ruled by colossal spiders (think Shelob, but bigger). The intrepid listener who dares venture forth shall be greeted warmly by a monstrous lower end, subtle orchestration, crushing harshes, tornadic guitar leads, and delicious riff after delicious riff.”

 Dead World Reclamation – Aura of Iniquity Preorders

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