Extreme Management Group’s Artist Manager Scott Eames has signed Australia’s MONOLIYTH to a Worldwide Deal

Extreme Management Group (EMG), home to bands like Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Rings of Saturn, and more, has announced their partnership with Australian thrash-death metal band Monoliyth.

Formed in 1998 in Melbourne Australia, Monoliyth was founded by guitarist Mick Barr. The intensity and passion for extreme music has remained consistent throughout their catalog and aggressive live shows. Monoliyth has evolved from classic thrash to a laser-focused old-school death metal vision, while hinting on a subtle tech-death injection as part of the compositions; a trend that will continue to expand into the band’s future releases. 

“He Who Kills”, set for release in 2021, is an album based on a classic death metal topical staple: serial killers. Looking through the eyes of humanity’s darker side, Monoliyth’s grim insight on the depraved, digging into the putrid truth, as opposed to singling out a specific event, scenario or historical murderer. 

This glimpse into dystopia is played out over the pounding rhythms, a combination of menacing and intensely orchestrated instrumental passages coupled with unnerving tension and cathartic release, aggressive hooks and moody diminished-scale harmonies. Monoliyth is driven by the same thirst for hostility that powered the classic thrash bands like Kreator, Metallica and Megadeth; fused with boundary-pushing death metal giants like Malevolent Creation, Suffocation and Death. 

These inspirations have been fed into the Monoliyth meat grinder, bursting out a form of odd-time signatured, bludgeoning groove, duel guitar solo shredding; a total speed driven slaughter. It is these aspects, propelled by a brutal deliverance of guttural vocals, that has forged what is distinctly the massacre that is Monoliyth. 

Now the band has signed with Extreme Management Group, and had the following to say about the partnering, We are super excited to be a part of EMG’S band roster, and can’t wait to get brutal!”. EMG said, “Monoliyth is a killer old-school style band that really has a ton of energy and character. We look forward to accomplishing great things with Monoliyth”.


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