AMONG THE RUINED releases brand new inspired live video for socially-charged “Death of perseverance”!

Metalcore quartet Among The Ruined launches a brand new, affecting and dynamic live video for the fourth single (after the critically acclaimed “Despite All Odds”, “Alone In This Tomb (We Are Broken)” and “The Depths”) off the band’s debut EP “Despite All Odds” – “Death Of Perseverance” – that effortlessly manages to showcase and expose the formation’s distinctive style of songwriting to the wider audiences. A composition that flawlessly and naturally combines and mixtures a variety of different influences, specifications and aspects, “Death Of Perseverance” is intuitively constructed by well-crafted instrumental elements that – alongside the suitable and memorable vocal and melodic lines – shape the overall gradation and unique character of the track, which ultimately builds a profile that is difficult to be compared to the general characteristics of the majority of the alternative music nowadays, as “Death Of Perseverance” is a multi-layered metalcore product, presented by a dynamic and energetic video showcasing the highlights of the group’s most recent headline tour!

In a collective statement, Among The Ruined provides additional details about the influence behind “Death Of Perseverance”“This track is mostly a statement on our modern society and generation of people that seem to rather complain then put in the effort to change or improve anything. This lazy sense of entitlement and thinking that the world owes them something, paired with actions of complacency, is expressed with frustration and anger throughout the song, screaming for change. However, there is a touch of positivity within the choruses acting as a call to arms of sorts. Expressing the belief that people can step up and inspire each other and make a change.”

Death Of Perseverance” is the fourth single off Among The Ruined‘s debut EP – “Despite All Odds” – now available everywhere!


1. “We Live. We Breathe. We Are”
2. “Death Of Perseverance”
3. “Despite All Odds”
4. “The Depths”
5. “Picking Up The Pieces”
6. “Alone In This Tomb (We Are Broken)
7. “False Idols”

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