BLOODSPOT – release new album “The Cannibal Instinct”

BLOODSPOT from Limburg an der Lahn celebrate the raw and dark side of Thrash Metal. Despite genre conventions, the band always expands the emotional boundaries of their sound and more and more incorporates genre-unrelated styles.
Now BLOODSPOT finally unleash their new album “The Cannibal Instinct” upon the world.

Along with the release the band premiers their new video to “The Cannibal” on YouTube today!
The official video can be seen here:
As it is not possible to pay any shows at the moment the band worked out a release-movie which will also be premiered today on YouTube:

The band states:
“We are proud and very excited to unveal our forth full-length album to you today. We worked long and hard on this album an we are sure, that this will be the basis for all the things Bloodspot will shape out in the future. It was and still is a very intense journey to us. A journey that goes deeper as everything you met before on the way that is BLOODSPOT. After suffering a setback and a lineup change once more, we found together as a band again and discovered parts of ourselves, that where hidden in BLOODSPOT for a very long time. The outspoken way to break new ground made it possible to create a vision that unites raw street brutality, melancholy escapism, bone-crushing heavyness and even a little vampire-romanticism to an overall picture. All those aspects are running like a red threat through all 11 tracks, with different degrees. Each song tells its own story and at the same time all those single elements combine to a big pulsating organism. “The Cannibal Instinct” is a perfect represantation of our current identity as a band. It is a very emotional and sensitive album with a lot of loving attention to detail, which despite all anger, sadness and heaviness carries also hope within. We hope, that “The Cannibal Instinct”can be a good companion for you during those crazy times, who will bring us all together when this haunting is over. We also hope to have a little celebration with you this evening, even though just online. We prepared two videos for you:

Release-Movie, Start 19:30:
Video “The Cannibal”, Start 20:15:

Album Trailer #1:
Album Trailer #2:
Track-by-Track #1:
Track-by-Track #2:
Track-by-Track #3:

“The Cannibal Instinct” is now available, get your copy here:

Since their foundation in 2006, BLOODSPOT, always dedicated to DIY, have developed from a provincial rumble band into a remarkable and battle-tested force in the German and international metal underground. Thus the viral YouTube hit “Volcanos” recently landed in the new film by cult director Abel Ferrara, which caused a sensation at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2020.
In the last two years BLOODSPOT have been on the road with US hardcore veterans PRO PAIN, the internationally up-and-coming thrashers DUST BOLT and the Grammy nominated SIBIIR from Norway, among others.
On their previous releases (one EP, three albums), besides Thrash Metal, influences from Death Metal and Hardcore define the bands sound. After a few line-up changes and several upheavals within the band, BLOODSPOT has been back on the road since 2017 with a fixed lineup and is more than ever ready to explore genre boundaries and emphasize the band’s own sound. This development is clearly audible on The Cannibal Instinct. The band’s usual thrash/death sound is combined with a dark, punkish rawness and a tough, doomy heaviness. A threatening melange, which impressively conveys the socially critical content around global exploitation processes. BLOODSPOT continue to remain unvarnishedly honest. Unnecessary frills, scene and image have always been largely unimportant for this band. Brutality, groove, abyss and love on the other hand are absolutely indispensable.


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