MOURNING DAWN – French blackened doom metallers to release new album “Dead End Euphoria” via Aesthetic Death

Hailing from France, blackened doom unit MOURNING DAWN conspire with Aesthetic Death to release “Dead End Euphoria”, the band’s fifth album, on March 26th 2021.

The official video of the album’s opener, “Dawn of Doom”, is now streaming HERE.

Those familiar with the blackened doom “scene” of the last two decades will already know some of the great works brought to us by these skilled architects of the genre – albums such as “Les Sacrificies”“For The Fallen” and “The Dead Years” say all that is necessary about the pedigree of this quartet.

“Dead End Euphoria”
 is the culmination of turmoil. Having journeyed through personal challenges and collective issues as a band, notwithstanding a cancelled tour of China, challenges which might have seen others throw in the towel – at some points it seemed unlikely that this album would ever be completed. This release is a testimony to the strength and aptitude of the band.

It brings together a craftsmanship, a maturity in both composition and performance, one which has been enhanced by the recent inclusion of Fred (ATARAXIE) amongst the ranks of the band. Tracks which have been crafted in the MOURNING DAWN tradition and which ooze the personality of this band.

Aesthetic Death
 is very proud to be continuing this long term collaboration with MOURNING DAWN, working together for over 9 years on various releases – and “Dead End Euphoria” stands to be one of the highlights in the extreme doom scene in 2021

Album tracklist:

01. Dawn of Doom
02. Never Too Old to Die
03. Dead End Euphoria
04. Conclusion
05. The Five Steps to Death
06. Adieu


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