PARAPHILIA announce their debut EP, “Primordium of Sinister Butchery”

Death metallers Paraphilia announce their debut EP, “Primordium of Sinister Butchery”, set to be released on April 23rd.

Paraphilia is a new death metal project featuring SP and KRP of Maestus, Arkhum, and formerly, Pillorian. 
Composed across summer and autumn 2020, “Primordium of Sinister Butchery” features three original tracks of brutal, suffocating death metal and a cover of Deicide’s “They Are the Children of the Underworld.”

For fans of Devourment, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Abominable Putridity

Pocks of Frothing Rut
Catalytic Heaving
Patterns of Invigoration
They Are the Children of the Underworld (Deicide cover)


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