CODEX MORTIS Releases Single from debut record

‘Tainted Soul’ is taken from the upcoming debut LP ‘What Befalls of Tainted Souls’ out April 2nd 2021 on Vidar records. 

Over 40min. of extreme metal madness. Lyrics based on European Legends and Saga’s. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jan-Willem van Voorst (e.g. Pestilence, Bleeding Gods, Graceless and Bodyfarm)

De duivel wacht…

Music video can be seen here:

Video by Mathieu Westerveld

Guttural grunts and howling screams that resurrect dead composers to join the incantation. Drawing influence from the 90s, Codex Mortis delivers intense and fast abysmal arrangements with a devouring sound.

Codex Mortis is a Dutch extreme metal band with explosive and hypnotic skull crushing music that will haunt you into the afterlife. 

Vocals: Dirk Willems (ex-Bloodphemy, ex-Once Begotten)
Bass: Mathieu Westerveld (ex-Bodyfarm)
Guitars: Jeroen van Aernsbergen (ex-Cavitation)
Guitars: Arjan Van Dune (Bloodphemy, ex-Funeral Whore)
Drums: Live drums by David Scherman (Grafjammer, Wrang)

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