DESTROYERS OF ALL release new video for “Hellfall”

This is a fast-paced song with thrashy rhythms in which the lyrics were inspired by the “Death flights” events that took place during the second half of the 20th century. “Hellfall” is the second single extracted from their latest album “The Vile Manifesto”. The video was filmed and edited by the director Carlos Calika at the Flashefoco studio (

You can watch the video at this location:

About Death Flights
“Death flights (Spanish: vuelos de la muerte) are a form of extrajudicial killing practised by military forces in possession of aircraft: victims are dropped to their death from aeroplanes or helicopters into oceans, large rivers or even mountains. Death flights have been carried out in a number of internal conflicts, including the 1957 Battle of Algiers and by the junta dictatorship during the Argentine Dirty War between 1974 and 1983.”

Destroyers of All is a progressive Death/Thrash metal band from Coimbra, Portugal, founded in 2011.

The band’s sound is a blend of diverse musical influences from various styles ranging from thrash, death, and even black metal, to the hard rock and progressive metal styles. The first EP “Into the Fire” was released in 2013, gathering very positive reviews from press and fans all over the world. 0ne music video was released for the song “Into the Fire”.

Destroyers of All signed with Mosher Records to release their second effort, “Bleak Fragments” in March 18, 2016. To promote this album, the band released a lyric video for the single “Death Healer” as well as two videoclips: “Hate Through Violence” and “Tormento”.

In 2019, the band marked a new chapter with the release of their third record “The Vile Manifesto”. This album pushes the boundaries of heaviness with a more violent and straightforward sonority, without losing the creative identity of the band’s music since its inception. Extracted from this album were released: False Idols (Lyric Video); Tohu Wa-Bohu (Official Video); The Dead Valley (Lyric Video); and Break the Chains (Playthrough) .

Destroyers Of All is very active and has received great feedback over the years in the shape of dozens of positive reviews as well as a featured of “band of the day” on Terrorizer Magazine. They made it to the finals of the Wacken Battle of the bands twice, as well over 100 gigs in Portugal and Spain.

The band is currently booking shows and seeking media interaction.

Band Members:
João Mateus (Vocals)
Alexandre Correia (Lead Guitar)
Guilherme Busato (Rhythm Guitar)
Bruno da Silva (Bass Guitar)
Filipe Gomes (Drums)

For fans of Revocation, Death, Vektor, Voivod, Pantera…


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