HEADS FOR THE DEAD premiere new official video ft. pole dancer via No Clean Singing

After releasing one of the standout albums in the style last year, horror-themed death metal maniacs Heads For The Dead have created a fitting video for the song The Seance featuring professional pole dancer Mariia Sue. No Clean Singing premiered this unique video AT THIS LINK. Excerpt –  

“Our seance takes the form of a fantastic music video, and for this entertainment ovations should be given not only to the maker of the video and the makers of the music but also to the performer who threatens to steal the show”


– “one of the last great stops for death metal in 2020” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “HEADS FOR THE DEAD are back and they still rule” – Blessed Altar Zine (Netherlands) 10/10

– “one of the last great stops for death metal in 2020” – Head-Banger Reviews (US)

– “is one of the most thrilling death metal albums of the year” – Musik Reviews (Germany) 13/15

– “compels you to rank it amongst the best for the year” – Metalbite (US)

– “deserves a spot on anyone’s Best of 2020 list” – Flying Fiddle Sticks (UK)

– “evokes that coffinbound feeling within the listener” – Metal Observer (Canada) 9.5/10

– “a heavy, unhealthy, seizing and oppressing album” – Acta Infernalis (France) 90/100

– “a small genre highlight at the end of the year” – Stormbringer (Austria) 4.5/5

– “delivers gem after gem of death metal delights” – Wonderbox Metal (Netherlands)

– “Very awesome album” – Time For Metal (Germany) 8.9/10

– “Death Metal with a relevant horror aesthetic” – (Germany) 8/10

– “exhilaration-through-fear defines Heads for the Dead” – Invisible Oranges (US)

– “It takes your breath away” – Dioses Del Metal (Spain)

– “immense” – No Clean Singing (US)

– “This is old school death metal, but it is far from stale” – Moshpit Nation (US)

– “A solid recommendation or those who enjoy timeless death metal” – Dead Rhetoric (US)

– “2020 — the year of real life horror — NOW gets its soundtrack” – Metal Addicts (US)

Heads For The Dead (International) – ‘Into The Red’ (December 11th, 2020)

Genre – Horror-themed Death Metal
Release Date – December 11th, 2020
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of – Wombbath, Revel In Flesh, Feral, Crawl, Live Burial, Asphyx, Grave, Dismember, Hypocrisy, Paganizer, Rogga Johansson, Ursinne

Death metal supergroup Heads For The Dead dropped a stunner of an album in ‘Serpent’s Curse’ which sent shockwaves through the underground. The band’s masterful blending of classic death metal with horror-inspired elements set them apart from the standard revivalist bands. The combination of Jonny Pettersson (WombbathGods ForsakenHenry Kane) behind the music and Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh) on vocals proved to be extremely effective and both of them put in their experience of decades to create something marvellous. ‘Into the Red’ sees them take things to a different level and also recruiting the services of the legendary drummer Ed Warbie, known for his work in bands like Gorefest and Hail of Bullets, renders their sound flawless. They’ve honed it to make it more cohesive, the horror influence now being an intrinsic part of the music, and there’s undeniable growth in the songwriting that makes them step out of the shadow of the old school death metal peers to carve an identity of their own. The artwork has once again been created by Branca Studio retaining the classic horror aesthetic and as expected there are guest appearances such as from members of Sentient Horror and Gods Forsaken. ‘Into the Red’ raises the bar for old school death metal circa 2020 and it’s ironic how their horror theme fits eerily well into the real life horrors this era is witnessing. It’s time to embrace it all the same.

Line up: 
Ed Warbie (ex-Gorefest, ex-Hail of Bullets) – Drums
Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh) – Vocals, concept
Jonny Pettersson (WombbathGods ForsakenHenry Kane) – Guitars, Bass, Keys, FX

Artwork by Branca Studio (Paradise Lost)

Track listing:
1. Into The Red
2. The Coffin Scratcher
3. At The Dead Of Night
4. Horror Injection
5. The Seance
6. Night Ripping Terror
7. The Midnight Resistance
8. Multi Morbid Maniac
9. The Revenant
10. The Prophecy Fulfilled
11. Transilvanian Hunger
12. Creatures Of The Monolith

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