KRUK – new studio album to be released in April. First single available!

Metal Mind Productions is proud to announce the release of the fifth full-length album by the best Polish hard rock band – Kruk. The album includes 8 songs recorded with a guest vocalist – Wojtek Cugowski (known from the very successful Polish rock band Bracia). The release date is set up for 14th April 2021.

First single “Rat Race” can be streamed HERE:

Album preview is available here:

Kruk’s music certainly draws inspiration from classic hard rock music and Artists like Deep Purple or Rainbow. The band is not afraid of long complex compositions and is flirting with more progressive sounds. Wojtek Cugowski says straightforwardly: “The music on the album is strong and powerful, exactly as it should be on a top quality hard rock album.”

Kruk & Wojtek Cugowski – “Be There” 


1. Rat Race
2. Hungry For Revenge
3. Prayer Of The Unbeliever (Mother Mary)
4. Made Of Stone
5. The Invisible Enemy
6. Dark Broken Souls
7. To Those In Power
8. Be There (If You Want To)

Kruk – official FB page:
Wojtek Cugowski – official Fb page:

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