New melodic death metal project SHADE OF SORROW produced by Finnish mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen out now!

Promo picture: Sami Kettunen (free to publish)

New Finnish solo project SHADE OF SORROW by Mika Juhani Kankainen sees daylight.

Frozen soil of the North has brought to life a new embodiment of Finnish darkness, gloom and beauty. After working in the background for mighty Wolfheart it is time for Mika Juhani Kankainen to step into the spotlight with his own solo project SHADE OF SORROW. Debut single NO RETURN is out today and is the first of series of singles to be released during 2021. Just released single can be viewed on Youtube and listened on all digital streaming platforms. 

Watch NO RETURN -video

Just released video and song is produced by Finnish metal mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen. He comments:

“Mika has been helping Wolfheart in the studio and video production and it was an honor and pleasure to return the favour and sit into the producers chair both with music and video. Relentless, talented and strong like a bear. Truly a my kind of an artist to work with” – Tuomas Saukkonen / Wolfheart, Before the Dawn, Dawn of Solace etc.

Listen NO RETURN single:
Apple Music:

Song is recorded by Esa Uusimaa and vocals produced by Juha Kylmänen (Whiteleaf studios). Mix and mastering by Esa Uusimaa. 

Mika Kankainen


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