MASOOD – Black Metal from 1999 released for the first time

Masood is Finnish Black Metal from the deep dark vaults of the year 1999. The lost tapes are now released. The Beast of Evil is awaken.

See ‘Cold Caress of Icy Ancient Death’ video now on YouTube, listen to the EP on music services.

Masood is a black metal project born in 1998 in the woods of Säkylä and Yläne, Finland – raised by the mysteries of nature and anti-institutionalism. The only rare recordings so far are from the C-cassette years 1999, now mastered for digital modern formats. The band is still alive but to be honest, death frozen. This release is made to waken up the beast of darkness and to give people some true sound of ancient north instead of the plastic waste of today! The philosophy of the band despises everything except pain, suffering and the power of ancient nature. Satan is a tool invented by the church and same shit as worshipping god.

”We, Masood declare ourselves free from the oppressing shackles of human-made institutions, even from the mankind itself.
We have wandered way beyond the wall of sanity to shape our minds to their  present demonic form.
When the flame of hope is put out with our piss, The Time of Dislight is upon us!
Come join us in the cold caressa of icy ancient Death, then warm up the blood of virgins in the ashes of Northern Witches!
Kneel before the Horror from the past! 
Masood shall desecrate you, pathetic slave of a soul!”

Sodomicus Khrist, Masood

Masood – Dark Ancient Pain

Music and lyrics: Masood
Recorded and mixed by Jussi Vuola, 4 Ancient Pain Studio, Säkylä, Finland 1998/1999.
Mastered by Jussi Vuola, V.R. Studio, Turku, Finland, 2020
Video by Hannu Vainionpää
Catalog nr: VRDIG205
ISRC: FIV2U2000061-64
Distributor: Playground Music Scandinavia.

Masood is:

Sodomicus Khrist – Vocals
Father Desecrator – Gibson SG
Faithmolester Fangus – General MIDI
Angerott Nightbringer – Bass
Saintslaughter – Drums

Masood is not available on social media.

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