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“Memoriam still offer those certain trademarks that everyone craves!”
6/7 Points | Metal Hammer Germany

“…a hot podium contender in the death lead sector!”
9/10 Points | 

Onwards into battle, one more time…
The wait is finally over: The fourth studio album of the British death metal commando MEMORIAM, “To the End”, is now available in stores.

Order “To The End” here:

The band states:
“The time has has finally arrived….
Today we release our 4th Album To The End through Reaper Entertainment.
We are proud with what we achieved with this latest opus and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did writing and recording it.
Onwards into battle……”

This week, the band released the final bunch of track-by-track videos to presents the new tracks to their fans and to give more background info about the recordings and the lyrics of the songs. You can check it out on YouTube now:

#7: Vacant Stare:
#8: Mass Psychosis:
#9: As my heart grows Cold:

Already released:
Track-by-Track #1 Onwards Into Battle:
Track-by-Track #2 This War Is Won:
Track-by-Track #3 No Effect:
Track-by-Track #4: Failure To Comply:
Track-by-Track #5: Each Step (One Closer To The Grave):
Track-by-Track #6 To The End:

“Failure to Comply”:
“Onwards Into Battle” :
Album Trailer #1:
Album Trailer #2
Album Trailer #3:

Order “To The End” here:

Marking the beginning of a second trilogy of albums, To The End serves as something of a prologue to the first three MEMORIAM albums. Working backwards and narrating the life story of the leader whose demise was depicted in the first trilogy, the lyrics on the album may play out in a fictional realm, but they incorporate inspiration from real life. A central theme of war is coloured with political fulminations and everyday experiences that combine to create a cohesive and enthralling chronicle.

The four-piece returned to producer, Russ Russell, for the recording of To The End. For the first time, the band demoed the songs and entered the studio with a new level of preparedness. Coupled with their close relationship with Russell, this created an environment that allowed for greater experimentation, as demonstrated by the diverse array of textures and sounds present on the nine tracks on the album. 

From the earliest days of the band, they had their eye on the art Dan Seagrave (Benediction, Dismember, Hypocrisy, Suffocation etc) as an accompaniment to their music. Having created the artwork for the first three MEMORIAM albums, he has also created the cover for To The End.

Karl Willetts | vocals  (ex-BOLT THROWER)
Frank Healy | bass (ex-BENEDICTION)
Spike T Smith | drums (Sacrilege, Conflict, Killing Joke, The Damned)
Scott Fairfax  | guitars (AS THE WORLD DIES, ex-BENEDICTION live)

MEMORIAM online:

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