SIELUNVIHOLLINEN stream new HAMMER OF HATE album at “Inferno” magazine’s website

Finnish black metal vanguard Sielunvihollinen stream the entirety of their highly anticipated fourth album, Teloituskäsky, at Inferno magazine’s website. Set for international release on April 2nd via Hammer of Hate, hear Sielunvihollinen‘s Teloituskäsky in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Formed in 2011 initially as a solo project, over the course of three albums and a handful of splits, demos, and EPs, Sielunvihollinen have come to be standard-bearers of pure ‘n’ proud Finnish black metal. While neither shying away from the spotlight nor intentionally cultivating an air of mystery, Sielunvihollinen‘s catalog over the past decade has come to speak of itself – thoughtful songwriting, impassioned performances, a totality of form meeting content – and with their development into a full band unlike so many other black metal “projects,” they’ve also become a considerable force on the live front.

Now, like clockwork, two years after its full-length predecessor comes Sielunvihollinen‘s fourth album, Teloituskäsky. Translated into English as “Execution command,” Teloituskäsky indeed burns with deadly precision, display a clarity of focus and (of course) execution that’s startling to behold. Riffs attack right from the off, but gnaw at the heartstrings with a plaintive melodicism equal parts tragedy and triumph. Rhythms race and march with apparent ease, deftly shifting tempos as the song requires and inciting emotion as needed. Vocals are a fury of Finnish invective and darkness, and yet the language is universal when spat forth with such charisma and (again) clarity. In fact, to qualify Teloituskäsky as Sielunvihollinen‘s cleanest-recorded work would not be inaccurate: their iron fists are now lined with velvet. However, that uptick in professionalism does nothing to dampen the band’s fires; if anything, Sielunvihollinen‘s inherent catchiness simply goes into overdrive here.

Authentically steeped in ’90s classicism whilst trampling the graves of the present, Sielunvihollinen continue their ascent to the upper echelons of international black metal with Teloituskäsky!

Fully join their ascent exclusively HERE, courtesy of Inferno, Finland’s premier metal authority. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sielunvihollinen’s Teloituskäsky
1. Tulen kaste
2. Murtunut peili
3. Varjot
4. Kahleidenkatkoja
5. Noitavaino
6. Teloituskäsky
7. Hukkuneet
8. Usvan tuoma


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