DISCORD release new album “Nevermind a hung parliament, we want a hanged parliament”

South London crust act DISCORD will release their second album, “NEVERMIND A HUNG PARLIAMENT, WE WANT A HANGED PARLIAMENT“, this friday.

The album features 13 tracks hitting in at 27 minutes. The tracks are no nonsense, frenetic crust punk featuring chaotic power chords, d-beat drumming, and furious vocals. Lyrics are pure vitriol vomited against the current government of the United Kingdom.

01) Blue Lives Splatter
02) Flagburner
03) Bastards of Parliament
04) Labour is Lost
05) Sewer Breath
06) Green and Pleasant Lie
07) Unweaving the Union
08) Fucked
09) Drinking Alone
10) Worldwide Regicide
11) Lice
12) Blood Red Thames
13) Syndicalism

The album will be available to stream on Spotify, Apple, Google, and all of the other major streaming networks, but the Bandcamp version will feature four bonus tracks. Covers from Killing Joke, Fear, Doom, and Discharge.


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