SDI – publish video clip for “Violence” from the remastered “Mistreated” re-release!

On 30 April, the German veterans of SDI will publish the remastered re-release of their 1989 album “Mistreated“. To mark the occasion, the video clip for “Violence” is now available, which not only contains the remastered soundtrack, but also rare original video footage from 1989. The video has also been optimised as best as possible and adapted to a current video resolution of FullHD. The new edition of Mistreated comes with a new booklet, including several unpublished pictures, liner notes and a remastering, which has been given a contemporary polish by Role in „Die Tonmeisterei”

// tracklist //

  1. The Deal
  2. Night Of Tears
  3. Violence
  4. Mercy
  5. We Want More
  6. Kiss Ass
  7. Never
  8. Mother
  9. Mistreated

– – Bonus tracks – – –

  1. I Don’t Mind *
  2. In The Ass *
  3. Looking Good
  4. Mad World
  5. SDI
  • rerecorded 2020

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