LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR join Debemur Morti Productions

Bitten and bewitched, Debemur Morti Productions are honoured to announce the signing of LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR. An addictive, mildewed union of dark Black Metal and Gothic Rock, the band’s dolorous songwriting caught our attention on acclaimed first EP “Cemetery Glow” (2015) and enigmatic debut album “Nocta” (2017). They are currently toiling in the shadows applying finishing touches to what promises to be a next-level DMP debut.

From this pact between LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR and Debemur Morti Productions, may dread fill all hearts in the eerie twilight. Blood is the life.”

LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is an unending prayer to the darkness of the world. It is the glow of graves at midnight. It is the voidshadows that shiver and move between crumbling tombs. It is the fangs in the tree of life.

LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is a ritualistic summoning of gloom, unholy radiance, and the ghosts of darker times.

LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR is vampirism, necromancy, and Devil worship.

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