SCALA MERCALLI Release New Video Dedicated To Anita!

Italian legendary heavy metallers SCALA MERCALLI, active since 1992, have released their new video dedicated to Anita (Ana Maria de Jesus Ribeiro da Silva) on March 26, the anniversary of the wedding with Giuseppe Garibaldi in Montevideo in 1842. 
A man with whom she shared not only a great love, but also her battles for freedom both in Latin America and in Italy, until the day in which she died in his arms because of a strong fever, at the age of 28, after having given birth to three children and pregnant with the 4th, and chased by the foreign armies that occupied the peninsula in 1849.
Unaware that our country obtained freedom and unity 12 years later, and that monuments were erected in her memory both in Italy and in Brazil, her homeland.

Watch the video here:

The band declares:
This song is dedicated to Anita and her incredible courage, but also to all the women who bravely fought like her for the freedom and unity of Italy, like the men with whom they shared the same sacrifices in life and on the battlefield.”

Furthermore, SCALA MERCALLI are pleased to announce that the band has been included and mentioned in the new book on the Italian Risorgimento “The excluded” by Patrizia Figini, to whom we offer our heartfelt thanks. A book the band highly recommends!

In December 2020 SCALA MERCALLI together with Brazilian LIVING METAL, united in their common passion for classic heavy metal, releasing a cover video for ‘Luna Nera’ by the historical band STRANA OFFICINA, performed by some members of the two bands. Scala Metal or Living Mercalli, as they call themselves amiably, in this difficult period for the whole planet, joining forces and sending a message of brotherhood among all lovers of Metal and not only!

In case you missed it, watch the video here:

SCALA MERCALLI released their latest effort “Independence” in 2019.

Watch more videos from “Independence” album:
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Independence” album is about the first part of Italian Risorgimento, from Naple’s Reign ruled by King Murat until Mazzini’s Roman Republic, including episodes on Mille (The Expedition of the Thousand) and Brigandage, with some of their main characters. The band will wear the new uniform inspired by the units, from north to south, that in the above-mentioned period fought side by side with the people and contributed with hard sacrifices to build Italian nation.

The band about “Independence”:
“This project is about some events we consider of great importance in our country’s history, because they remind us of how important it has been, for a people dominated for years by foreign powers, to fight for ideals of unity and freedom, and reminds also that freedom, in every form, is never a gift but has always to be conquered fighting together. Yesterday as today!”

This example applies to every people or nation that wants to be truly free!

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