HILDR VALKYRIEWe Are Heathens” Album Teaser from the album “Revealing The Heathen Sun” out May 14th on Moribund Records!

Revealing The Heathen Sun” flows effortlessly with 11 well-structured majestic Hymns teeming with epic guitar melodies, acoustics, tin whistle, pagan drums, tabor, keyboards, magnificent layered aria vocals, and Heroic lyrics based on Norse Sagas & Mythology! Hildr Valkyrie employs a wide variety of vocals stylings, including epic choral parts layered with the primary vocals and the addition of black metal flair proves she can do it all! The black metal vocals add immensely to the already valorous sound and ads triumph to tracks like “Final Blot” and “My Oath”. If you like folk- and pagan metal- Hildr Valkyrie is for you! Take up your shields and swords, brothers and sisters- ride into battle with “Revealing The Heathen Sun”!
MALAMORTEApocalyptic Visions” Official Lyric Video from the album “Mass Cult Suicide” out April 9th on Moribund Records!

Following closely after the ‘surprise’ break-through album of the year and Radio Chart toper “God Needs Evil”, MALAMORTE returns with the Massive New Radio-Killer, “Mass Cult Suicide”! This is a concept album based on the infamous Jim Jones and his fanatical religious followers of the ‘Peoples Temple Cult’ and their fateful Jonestown commune in Guyana.

MALAMORTE “Mass Cult Suicide” is the #1 Added Album this week at Metal Contraband Radio AND # most added album at NACC College Radio! Bow to The NEW Metal Messiah \m/
CARNAL SAVAGERYDead Rotten Meat” Official Lyric Video off the release “Fiendish” Via Moribund Records on April 9th!!

Fiendish” is a choice cut, beefy slab of putrid and rotting old school Death Metal! This morsel of MEAT comes with HOOKS Attached- catchy melodic rhythms, memorable choruses, pounding drums, clear yet brutal vocals, and searing solos. This album is a Monstrous and Meaty slab of classic Swedish Melodic Death Metal tempered with the perfect amount of brutality!
OLTRETOMBA‘s Official Music video for “Dracul“, from “THE HORROR – Figure del terrore” CD (2019) on Moribund Records, Created by Caligo Creazioni.

The most rocking, catchy Black Metal since Craft or early Dark Throne but OLTRETOMBA doesn’t stop there. Digging deep into the Stygian past, they also incorporate the primal brutality captured by Finland’s 1st wave of Death Metal ala Demigod, Belial & Demilch! Old school in sound & style, raw and aggressive, even outright rocking (did someone say more cowbell?), OLTRETOMBA will have every-one head banging to their phenomenal offerings!
MALAMORTEThe Demons That Devour Your Soul” Official Lyric Video, from the Jan. 29, 2021, release “God Needs Evil” via Moribund Records.

MALAMORTE is definitely for fans of ‘old school’ Heavy Metal- if you worship King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, Death SS, or Venom, this sound is for you !! Occult lyrics accompany steadfast, dark Heavy Metal with extremely catchy rhythm, often lapsing the epic feel of True Heavy Metal and running up on the ritualistic moods of 80’s Black Thrash.
DARK PSYCHOSISOminous Black” Official Music Video From the November 20th, 2020, album “The Edge of Nowhere” CD via Moribund Records!!

Lead by 30+ year scene veteran Xaphan, best known as the singer/guitarist/songwriter from both Legendary Michigan bands SUMMON and MASOCHIST, DARK PSYCHOSIS creates a genre-bending new sound. From Goth-New-Wave tinged tracks like “The Edge Of Nowhere…”, to MASOCHIST / SUMMON styled Black Metal classics, to old-school ripping Thrash fist-bangers like “Ominous Black”, this album has a little bit of everything for lovers of truly unique and dark music! There is also rumor of a NEW music video from DARK PSYCHOSIS being in the works- STAY TUNED!!

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