Brisbane’s Progressive-Metal Sensations THE STRANGER Release Their Compelling New Single ‘The Gemini’

Brisbane’s Progressive Metal  Sensations The Stranger have released their compelling new single ‘The Gemini’ via Octane Records & Wild Thing Records.’The Gemini’  introduces itself with the band’s new synthwave inspired soundscape which sets the scene for the pure progressive power to follow. This dynamic composition draws the listener in with rhythmically sophisticated guitar work complemented by methodically curated lead lines that are underpinned by superbly tight drum and bass grooves.

Accompanying these complex yet fluid passages are Tom Frayne’s hook laden vocals; showcasing Frayne’s range and unique texture that cuts through the heaviness of the instrumentation to deliver the juxtaposition between melancholy and triumph. ‘The Gemini’ highlights the remarkable diversity that is characteristic of its composers and delivers in earnest the vital message that lies at the heart of each and every track on this monumental musical work. It is full of passion, angst, desperation, and conquest.

Vocalist Tom Frayne explains “The Gemini is a song that explores the concepts of independence and progress and laments the struggle to achieve either without first deconstructing or abandoning the preconceived ideals of past generations. In The Gemini, a voice laments the uniformity and predictability of the society around them, a society that rewards conformity and punishes independence, and seeks a way to rejoin the wider world.

On their journey, toward independence, our character learns that their thoughts and intentions are at odds with the world beyond their former home, a beautiful and limitless place of abstract design compared to their melancholy mechanical subsistence and decides to make a new home here as there is nothing left for him in his old world. The character reflects how old habits and inclinations linger despite the passing years, as though there exists within two people of the past and present, one a slave to the old life, the other a lonely, albeit free, individual. With hope, the character returns to his old life amongst the collective to share stories of life beyond society’s limits and begin to lead his forebears out of their monotony”

Incorporating influences such as Opeth and Dream Theater, the band has forged a respected name for themselves in the Australian Metal Scene with their eclectic mix of progressive metal, djent & funk. Following a successful release of their highly acclaimed album ‘The Stranger’, the band shared stages with Australian and International Progressive Metal Powerhouses such as Caligula’s Horse, Voyager, Ne Obliviscaris, Monuments, and The Ocean; including festivals such as ProgFest and winning Brisbane’s Wacken Metal Battle. With The Strangers‘ recent signing to Octane Records & Wild Thing Records for their much-anticipated sophomore album ‘Kaleidoscope’, the band is set to make a mark on the Australian Heavy Music World and beyond! 

‘The Gemini’ is available for digital Preorder (via Octane Records) via
The Album ‘Kaleidoscope’ is available to Preorder in both digital and physical (via Wild Thing Records) via

Artwork - Chris P Stevenson Mangos
Photography - Jacob Maggs & Andrew Basso
Music Video - Adrian Goleby
Engineering/Producing/Mixing - Kalen Austin
Engineering - Justin Vincent
Mastering - Ermin Hamidovic

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