THE CRAWLING release new single with video “Sparrow”

Death/doom trio, THE CRAWLING, have released their new single “Sparrow,” and accompanying live-action lyric video. The song tells a haunting tale of isolation, misery, and the emotional outcome of living a pointless life; amplified by the fact so many ‘spectate’ a chain of events, without offering support.

You can listen to “Sparrow” at this location:

The lyric video was written, created and filmed entirely alone by vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke; solely due to lockdown restrictions, and the inability to use a professional studio. The single is accompanied in physical format by digipack CD, cassette, and a new exclusive t-shirt design (created by Serpent Tusk).

Vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke commented; 

“Lockdown restrictions in Northern Ireland didn’t allow for the band to even be in the same room together, let alone film a music video. I really hated the thought of releasing a new track without a video, as it’s something I really enjoy; so, my hand was forced to film something on my own. It’s not like our normal performance style videos, but more of a live-action lyric video. It works well, emphasising the lyrics, whilst also creating the haunting imagery of the song.”

Buy and listen from THE CRAWLING Bandcamp now!


Formed in the winter of 2014 in Lisburn city, Northern Ireland, The Crawling use a guttural vocal to combine melancholy with weight, churning out a heavy, doom/death ensemble.
January 2015 saw the debut single ‘Choking On Concrete,’ followed in October 2015 by the critically acclaimed In ‘Light of Dark Days‘ EP. April 2017 the band’s debut album ‘Anatomy Of Loss‘ was released via Grindscene Records, accompanied by five music videos, receiving excellent reviews worldwide, and was streamed exclusively by Metal Hammer UK. November 2018, ‘Wolves and the Hideous White’ features six tracks, building on the sound of their debut. The album did well with media and fans alike, increasing the fan base.
With live music on hold and gatherings being kept to a minimum, and rehearsals being limited; The Crawling concentrated efforts on their most depressive track to date – “Sparrow,”  coupled with an interpretation of the Bjork track “Play Dead.”
The Crawling have spread the misery drenched album through strong live performance, with support from a loyal fan base; most notably appearing at Inferno Metal Festival (Norway), Bloodstock Open Air (UK), Seige of Limerick (IRE), Metal Days (SLO), Shellshockfest (Malta), Uprising (UK), Incinerationfest (UK), Mammothfest (UK) and Full Metal Mensa (GER).
The Crawling are highly active on all social media platforms and have continued support from Grindscene Records.

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