ANONYMUS Reunites w/ Band Founder Marco Calliari For Video Performance “Tierra” Off “La Bestia”

 Winner of Two GAMIQ 2020 Awards “Metal Album of The Year”
& Piggy Award (career recognition in honour of Voivod guitarist Denis “Piggy” D’Amour)

Canadian thrash legends Anonymus have reunited with band founder Marco Calliari for a live-off-the-floor video performance of “Tierra” from the band’s latest 12th album and first Spanish release “La Bestia” (winner of two GAMIQ Awards). The track is sung in both Italian and Spanish.

Calliari‘s departure from Anonymus in 2003 was to pursue a solo career that has so far released three albums: Che la vita (2003), Mia dolce vita (2006), and Al faro est (2010).

The band comments on the video reunion:

“Marco was in the band for a long time, we were friends as young kids and during high school was when we decided to start Anonymus. We learned our skills together doing covers initially, then moved on pretty quickly to make our own songs. For us, it’s always a great pleasure to have him come in to sing and play with us here and there. He left the band to fulfill his career in another genre (worldbeat/ pop). He’s a hell of a performer and we remain on the best of terms with each other. So to have him come in and share some moments with us is very natural. We celebrate our past having him in this live performance, while on the other hand, we focus on the future on writing new material for our next release.“Tierra” is very special because it’s the only song that we wrote in both Italian and Spanish. This is a tribute to our families who had to make sacrifices in their lives and leave their families and countries behind for a better future and a new home. It strikes a chord when you see all these immigrants doing the same in Africa, South America, and the rest of the world. Our parents ended up having a nice story about their immigration, which is not the case for everybody. This song is a song about the newfound land.”

Watch “Tierra” on YouTube –

Anonymus‘ twelfth studio album “La Bestia” (Bam&Co Heavy) was released in June 2020. The album is the band’s first Spanish album that follows their discography of both French and English releases. Many metalheads and critics asked the most relevant question, why an album in Spanish? The answer… since Drummer Carlos Araya is Chilean-born, and Oscar (lead vocals and bass) and Dan Souto (guitars and backing vocals) are sons of Spanish immigrants, it was only inevitable to make a record in that language that 3/4 of the band is fluent in.

The tracks on “La Bestia” were produced mainly by guitarist Jef Fortin as well as Colin Richardson who also produced 1999’s ‘Instinct’ and Jean-Francois Dagenais (Kataklysm) who produced 2006’s ‘Chapter Chaos Begins’. The album also features the bilingual song “Violencia Versus Violence” with the participation of Carlos Maldos of Lethal Creation (MX) and Arno Dhenain Le Bourhis of Black Bomb A (FR) along with a second bilingual track “Tierra” with Marco Calliari singing in Italian.

“La Bestia” is available for stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer HERE. Vinyl HERE.

Music Video – Bicho Loco – YouTube

Track Listing:
1. Bajo Presión (3:31)
2. Bicho Loco (3:58)
3. Sobrevivir (4:11)
4. Violencia Versus Violence (featuring Carlos Maldos of Lethal Creation (MX) and Arno from Black Bomb A) (4:33)
5. La Bestia (5:22)
6. Máquinas (3:32)
7. Cada loco con su tema (5:37)
8. Tierra (Produced by Colin Richardson and ft. Marco Calliari) (4:01)
9. Terremoto  (Produced by Jef Dagenais (Kataklysm) (3:08)
Album Length: 37:57Album and Live Band

Line Up:
Oscar Souto -Vocals/ Bass
Daniel Souto – Guitar/ Back Vocals
Jef Fortin -Guitar/ Back Vocals
Carlos Araya -Drums/ Back Vocals

For more info:

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