HADIT – Italian Cosmological Dark Death Metal Conjurors Unveil Long Awaited Debut Album – Track Premiered At Scene Point Blank

We’re excited to announce that elusive Italian mystical dark death metal conjurors HADIT are about to return after six years of silence with their long awaited debut album “With Joy and Ardour Through the Incommensurable Path”, slated for an early May 2021 release in collaboration with Caligari Records and Italian label Terror from Hell Records.

The towering new album is an obfuscating spell of dark cosmological death metal destruction shrouded in crushing dissonance, otherworldly atmospheres, and an aura of profound mysticism and esotericism. With death metal ritualized and used almost as an aural rite of passage to a higher order, on the devastating new opus the recluse Italian duo explore concepts pertaining to time, cyclicality, fatality, and to death as the true engine and ultimate motivator of life, and submit to the symbolism of chaos to access the higher knowledge and order which comes through it. Inspired by ancient black and death metal forces like InquisitionIncantationMorbidAngelImmolation, and Archgoat as well as by occult scriptures found in ancient monotheistic doctrines and theology, “With Joy and Ardour Through the Incommensurable Path” is a supernatural extreme metal crucible that plumbs the darkest depths of sonic ruin and of deviant arcane esotericism to harness the primordial order from chaos and the inaccessible truths on mankind’s true nature and existence that it harbors.

Leading up the early May 2021 release, the track “A Digression and Her Eternal Domain Above the Atmosphere“ has been Premiered by Scene Point Blank, with the renowned metal blog stating that “The majority of this album thrashes and seethes, but it has some comparatively subdued doomy moments as well. Personally, I dug the shifting rhythmic structures, the way individual tracks seemed to do any number of different things while they played out, and the manner in which certain melodic motifs are utilized to hold things together“. You can check out the track and read the full feature HERE.

“With Joy and Ardour Through the Incommensurable Path” is scheduled for a May 7 2021 release on vinyl for North America and digital via Sentient Ruin, on cassette tape via Caligari Records, and on CD and EU vinyl via Terror from Hell Records.

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