NERO DI MARTE announce new line-up

The Italian experimentalists of NERO DI MARTE are now revealing their brand new (live) line-up! Guitar player Francesco D’Adamo and bass player Andrea Burgio have decided to part ways with the band due to personal reasons. Alessio Cattaneo will take over axe duties and Georgio Figà Talamanca will present on bass from now on. NERO DI MARTE are furthermore announcing their addition to the mighty Roadburn Redux Festival  which will take place on April 16-18. The band will be performing the tracks ‘L’Arca’ and ‘Sisyphos’ with the new line-up. 

Front man Sean Worrel comments on the change: “Francesco and Andrea have decided to step down from having an active role within Nero di Marte. Their reasoning and decisions have been long thought out and were not driven by either conflict or creative divergences, but rather by different priorities in their life. Both of course continue to be our best friends and we have all expressed our desire to collaborate in creating more music for Nero together, in some form, when the time is right. It’s impossible to put into words what these years together have been like. I feel lucky to have met them by chance through our common musical sensibilities, but the relationship we have is one of the most meaningful in my life. However, the present and future of the band is bright and erupting with creativity. As we moved our headquarters from Bologna to Rome last year, we’ve had the opportunity to add two incredibly talented, creative, thoughtful people to the project. Alessio Cattaneo (Onryo) and Giorgio Talamanca (HateLimbs) joined the band during the course of 2020, both having an exceptionally deep understanding of the band’s music and bringing much welcomed new ideas and energy to the fold, propelling the band in very promising new territories…We are excited (and very honoured) to present the new line-up, performing songs from Immoto, at the Roadburn Festival online event in April! Please look forward to it.

Line-up 2021
Sean Worrell: Vocals, Guitar
Alessio Cattaneo: Guitar
Giorgio Figà Talamanca: Bass
Giulio Galati: Drums

NERO DI MARTE have previously released a new drum play-through for the track ‘La Casa del Diavolo’! The track is taken from the band’s latest album ‘Immoto’, which was released on January 24, 2020. The video can be viewed HERE.

Nero di Marte – ‘La Casa del Diavolo’ (official drum play-through) 2020

NERO DI MARTE‘s latest album ‘Immoto‘ was released on January 24, 2020. The artwork, which has been created by Alex Eckman-Lawn, can be viewed together with the album details below.

1. Sisyphos (11:30)
2. L’Arca (8:42)
3. Immoto (12:59)
4. Semicerchi (7:14)
5. La Casa del Diavolo (12:00)
6. Irradia (10:05)
7. La Fuga (4:37)
Total playing time: 1:07:10

Since 2012, NERO DI MARTE have been devoted towards creating experimental, yet heavy music contaminated by prog, death metal, psychedelia and contemporary classical music. The dissolution of these different influences creates a space in which dissonance, melody, claustrophobic and dreamlike atmospheres become instinctively juxtaposed.

After forming in 2012 and shortly after releasing their self-titled debut album 2013, NERO DI MARTE was asked by the mighty Luc Lemay of GORGUTS to tour North America with the legendary death metal band. Following the success of the tour, the band entered the studio in 2014 to record their second album “Derivae”, released later that year.

Both albums received critical acclaim, and the band dedicated the following years to performing live, culminating in a European tour with GORGUTS and PSYCROPTIC in 2016 and performances in festivals such as Royal Metal Fest (DK), Stonehenge Fest (NL), Metalorgie Fest (FR), Krakatoa Fest (IT) and Solo Macello Fest (IT).

With drummer Marco Bolognini leaving in late 2016, the band recruited drummer Giulio Galati (HIDEOUS DIVINITY) in early 2017 to continue composing their third album. After 5 long years of work and transformations, the band finally completed writing and recording their upcoming album ‘Immoto’ once again at Studio73 (IT) with the help of sound engineer Riccardo Pasini.

Though not a “concept album”, as each song goes into a very specific and unique direction both musically and lyrically, there is an overall underlying theme in ‘Immoto’: creating a motionless, transformative space within ourselves from which creativity, actions and relationships can manifest in a more meaningful way.

Style: Experimental Post Metal

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