Brazil’s Death/Black Metal Band SUTURA Unleash Dawn of Cursed Souls on April 24th

Sutura are about to unleash Dawn of Cursed Souls on 24 April 2021 via the Chinese label Awakening Records.

Brazilians Sutura offer Death/Black Metal at its best. They hail from Nova Friburgo, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Sutura‘s influence is mainly by the Scandinavian and Brazilian Extreme Metal scene. In Dawn of Cursed Souls, the band follows the line of the debut album, Clasta (low tuning with fast picks, strong distortion in the chainsaw style, guttural high and low vocals, and a well-marked combination of bass and drums); with a sound based on Old School Death Metal and Black Metal. However, this new work shows a more defined and striking equalization, with an instrumental tone and reverberated vocal that refer to the recordings of the 80s’ and early 90s’.

01 Dawn of Cursed Souls
02 Sacramental Bleed
03 Under the Black Mark
04 Death’s Fathom
05 Haunted by Old Ghost
06 Where Shadows of Death May Lie
07 Chaos and Demise
08 Suffering Cage
09 Worms in Disguise

Pre-order now:

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