SHININGSTAR – Russian symphonic metal band signs to Time To Kill Records

Russian symphonic metallers SHININGSTAR have signed to Italian label Time To Kill Records for the release of their first album, “Destiny”.

The album will see an official release in late 2021. A live rendition of the single “Shining Queen of the North Star” is now streaming HERE.

 is a symphonic metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia, formed in 2020 by musicians of Hellbomb, Katalepsy, Infiltration, Ethir Anduin, Troll Bens Fir and Svartby.

Influenced by Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Epica and Fleshgod Apocalypse, the band continues the tradition and staple of the symphonic metal sound, encompassing all that is melancholic and brooding and combining it with unique orchestral and melodic arrangements.

Watch for details on the album release and more news on other upcoming activities to be posted shortly.


Alexander Nazin – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Alexey Semyonov
 – Drums, Bass
Elena “Luka”
 – Vocals
Andrew Kozlov – Bass (session)


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