HANGING GARDEN reveal second single ‘Kuura’ from new album “Skeleton Lake”

Kuura is an ode to the beautiful and deadly season of northern winter. 

The idea for the video was concocted during me and Riikka’s month-long trip through northern Finland. At least half of the material on the video was shot by us during that trip. The most prominent location seen on the video is the wilderness of Kaldoaivi, in the very northenmost regions of Lapland. Despite us heavily underestimating the rigor of the route we had chosen, we still were able to muster the energy for sending our camera drone flying… 

The solitude and desolation together with the beauty of the north is astounding. I hope we can convey some of that feel to you through the song and the video.

Stream ‘Kuura’ at a streaming platform of your choice: https://orcd.co/hg_kuura

Pre-order/ pre-save the new album “Skeleton Lake” here: https://orcd.co/hanginggarden_skeletonlake

When it comes to the musicality of HANGING GARDEN, words are only second choice. At least the words that try to describe the songs of this Finnish band and their overall artistic aesthetic. The group’s approach to their art is based on emotion. Everything revolves around authenticity, honesty and unreserved openness. All this characterizes “Skeleton Lake”, whose progression is often implicit and whose direction of effect is sometimes suggestive. There is no right or wrong here. 

The connection to the seventh album of the Finns presents itself inevitably. Although the playing of HANGING GARDEN tends to be gloomy and melancholic, from to time, the songs also seem optimistic or even euphoric. Since Riikka Hatakka joined the band as a permanent vocalist on “Into That Good Night” (2019), the musical picture has partially brightened and, additionally, the sound cosmos of the Finns has broadened noticeably. The resulting impressions seem manifold and even more emotional. 

But “Skeleton Lake” is, of course, also a mirror of the circumstances of its creation, as HANGING GARDEN reveal: “This trying year has seemed like an endless winter, friends and strangers huddled within their abodes, near their hearths, waiting for spring to come. At the same time, the cold north has been colder than in many years, the lightless time of Kaamos relentlessly gnawing at our spirits. As spring begins to show, little by little, the winter sun reflecting its pale intensity through the vast fields of snow, HANGING GARDEN’s seventh album begins to emerge. Being forged in the searing cold and bleak isolation, „Skeleton Lake“ is at times somber and hopeless, a crushing pressure in the freezing depths, and at times fervorous, basking in the splendor of a late winter’s sun. In the darkness, we are cold and afraid. Still, not all is lost.“


All this musical excellence does not overshadow the poetic prowess and the musicality of the lyrics. One reason that there is such an irresistible appeal in vocals could be that the words of the lyrics not only constitute the message and meaning to be conveyed to the audience, but also contribute to the overall sound of the music. This is by far Finland’s best kept secret and if you like bands like SWALLOW THE SUN and INSOMNIUM, you will enjoy this fully.9/10 – METAL TEMPLE

That said I’m not sure why I haven’t come across Hanging Garden before because they are the perfect blend of everything I adore about Paradise Lost and Katatonia while still remaining fresh and unique. 4/5 – METAL EPIDEMIC

First single Winter’s Kiss

SKELETON LAKE  out May 21st on Limited Vinyl LP, CD Digipak and Digital – PREORDER HERE

Track list:

  1. Kuura
  2. Faith
  3. Nowhere Haven
  4. Winter‘s Kiss
  5. When the Music Dies
  6. Tunturi
  7. Road of Bones
  8. Field of Reeds
  9. Skeleton Lake

Visit and “like” the band’s Facebook page and stay tuned about latest news and live shows.

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