MINAS MORGUL – New Album “Heimkehr” via Trollzorn – New Release Date & Lyric Video

Trollzorn have set April 23rd 2021 as the new release date for the already announced seventh full-length of Germany’s MINAS MORGUL, entitled “Heimkehr“!

A lyric video for the track “Weltenfall” is available at this location now: https://youtu.be/X9UgW7X2JcQ

MINAS MORGUL stands for expressive and melodic Pagan Black/Death Metal with an own twist and their new album has become a versatile work, which is firmly anchored in the band’s roots on the one hand, but also takes up new facets that were already evident on 2017’s “Kult”.

Furthermore, MINAS MORGUL debuts with a revamped line-up on “Heimkehr”, featuring Robse of EQUILIBRIUM on vocals.


  1. Prolog: Sturm aus Ost
  2. Heimkehr
  3. Niedergang
  4. Stein um Stein
  5. Teufel (https://youtu.be/TJ5wieQJuiI)
  6. Weltenfall
  7. Totenschiff
  8. V. F.
  9. Dein Erwachen
  10. Epilog: Tiefe Narben

Formats: 6 Panel Digi-CD, limited Vinyl (150 Creamwhite + 150 Green), limited Bundle (CD, Metalpin, Backpatch & T-Shirt), Digital (May 7th)

https://www.facebook.com/MinasMorgul +++ http://www.trollzorn.de/store +++ https://www.facebook.com/trollzorn

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MINAS MORGUL – New Album “Heimkehr” via Trollzorn – Details & Lyric Video


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